5 Best Activities to Do for Seniors with Less Mobility

Mobility is one condition that easily gets lost amongst the elderly. This is often brought about by stroke, severe arthritis, or injuries incurred through falls. Seniors who experience any of these might find it difficult to continue with their physical activities, routine, and hobbies on their own. This is where aged care in Melbourne comes in. Carers make sure makes sure that, for the seniors, it’s not the end of everything. There are still multiple socially engaging and mentally stimulating activities that they can enjoy without a lot of movement involved.

The following are some of the best activities that aged care Melbourne facilities can provide their elderly residents:

  • Reading

It’s a good exercise for the brain to read even at old age. This does not entail too much body movement, but there are several benefits that are associated with this activity, such as improved sleep, reduced stress, enhanced memory, and delayed cognitive decline. It doesn’t matter if seniors prefer to read the traditional hardbound, an e-reader, an audio book, or a magazine. Reading the narrative, looking at the photos, and learning new information can stimulate their brain cells. They may also opt to join book clubs and be in the company of fellow readers.

  • Multiple Creativity Activities

There are various activities that can bring out the elderly’s creative juices given the right Melbourne aged care support. Some of the best examples are drawing/sketching, painting, colouring, and sculpture. Most seniors have fun organising family photo albums, producing a family recipe book, or coming up with scrapbooks. Research revealed that creative tasks have their own health benefits. Being creative reduces negative emotions caused by chronic illness. It also reduces stress and anxiety, as well as improves medical results.

  • Engaging with Children and Pets of the Family

Any senior would be happy to have a visit from a baby or a young child in the family. Even the furry pets have their own therapeutic effects on the elderly. The laughter and love that come from children and family pets can bring in positive vibes and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Watching Movies and TV Shows and Listening to Music

It’s not healthy to be over exposed to the media whether through the TV or the internet. However, having a movie or a few TV shows every week is something to look forward to. Watching TV may be also be used as a supplementary activity to the elderly’s hobby. For instance, if they are learning on the subject of world wars, switching to the Discovery, History, and National Geographic channels to watch a documentary on World War II would spark the senior’s interest in the subject more.

Listening to music is another great activity for the elderly in any aged care in Melbourne. It is known for reducing stress, anxiety, and even pain. It is therapeutic and improves memory, the immune system, and sleep quality.

  • Outdoor Relaxation

It is good for older people to go outside for a breath of fresh air. It is a highly relaxing activity and a wonderful mood booster to get on the porch and feel fresh air on one’s face. The scene of nature outdoors even when viewed from a large open window can do wonders to the elderly’s soul.

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