5 Most Common Mistaken Beliefs on Being a Digital Nomad

What Is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who works by utilising telecommunication technologies. Being a digital nomad often means working remotely at home or in a café or co-working space.

Working in a remote digital marketing industry brings various advantages. However, some people are still daunting when it comes to grabbing remote career opportunities because of the following misconceptions:

Decreased Productivity

Given the fact that you are more susceptible to possible distractions, most people tend to believe that productivity dies when you work at your own place. While on the other hand, you are likely to work better in an office because there is less disturbance and you have a boss to keep tabs on you.

While on certain cases it’s true, but according to a recent study done by the Harvard School of Business, a significant improvement on productivity rate among employees at about 14% has been recorded after their companies let them take work at home. This does only show that remote workers are as productive as corporate employees working in an office.

Teamwork Dies

Some people believe that being a digital nomad means working at your own terms without a team to collaborate with. Communication is the biggest barrier in making team cooperation ineffective and pointless.

However, on the actual fact, most companies offering remote jobs encourage team collaboration through regular meetings, training, and open forums. Moreover, there a handful of video-conferencing tools nowadays that allows real-time communication regardless of the distance.

Endless Workload

One of the most common misconceptions on remote work that a lot of people tend to believe is the burden of having more workload. Granted that there’s no clock in or clock out when working at home, thus, remote workers are subject to more tasks at hand. Click here Ryan Deiss

On the contrary, an exceptional company that offers remote jobs takes pride in providing first-rate digital marketing careers without burning out their employees.

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Poor Work-Life Balance

Another reason why some people tend to brush off digital nomad jobs is the thought of sacrificing social life because of working at home alone. People tend to think that remote workers are not as sociable as compared to office workers. Therefore, working at home makes you miss out on significant life happenings because you always have your nose on the computer screen.

The truth is, working remotely does not always mean working at home by yourself without any co-workers or friends to hang out with every once in a while. Nowadays, co-working cafes are available where remote workers can hang out with their friends or with another digital nomad while working. Moreover, as long as you have your laptop and a reliable internet connection with you, you can pretty much work anywhere you want.


If having a long-term career and not missing out life’s fun is what floats your boat, being a digital nomad is the best way to go. Having the opportunity to work with a globally competitive team without being trapped in the four corners of an office is what you’ll get if you land on an exceptional company that offers remote work.

Post Author: Sunshine Miller

Sunshine Miller